CCD’s Response


  • The most important question about GGP’s proposals is whether they are enforceable. That is, will the community get the benefits promised in exchange for the benefits (guaranteed by zoning) to the developer. We believe they are not at this time.
  • We are quite concerned that they are insisting on proposing 5500 new residential units, three to four times the size of Wilde Lake – a number which Ken Ulman, the County Executive, says is “ludicrous”.
  • Their “affordable housing” proposal provides for nowhere near the full spectrum of housing they say they favor.

We will insist on specific, enforceable safeguards to ensure that new density does not cause the degrading of  environmental, traffic, or the quality of life in Downtown.

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"To build a better city is to work
at the heart of civilization."

Mort Hoppenfeld, designer of the Lakefront,
to whom “The Hug” sculpture is dedicated.