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Governor Warfield Parkway Declared Howard County Scenic

On August 28, 2006, at the Candidates' Forum in Harpers Choice, Coalition founding member Phil Wright asked the candidates about protecting the Governor Warfield Parkway. CCD has been concerned about pressure to change the Parkway due to increased development being proposed for Downtown Columbia. In response to that question, Council members Merdon and Ulman agreed to co-sponsor legislation designating the Parkway as a Scenic Route. CCD is pleased to note that the Council has passed this bill unanimously.

Lame Duck Appointment Delayed

CCD was the first group to speak publically about the inappropriateness of a lame duck Executive and a lame duck Council installing a new Planning Board member so close to the election, especially considering how important the Planning Board will be in determining the course of Downtown’s completion. One need only look at the Planning Board’s signing off on the 275 foot Plaza Tower building to realize the importance of this key role. CCD wants those elected and appointed to promote the values that have shaped Columbia in the past, and will guide Columbia into the future,

The Coalition is very pleased to announce that the Howard County Council took action on two of our three initial proposals and passed both unanimously;

  • The Appointment of the Planning Board member was delayed.
  • Governor Warfield Parkway was declared a scenic parkway
Governor Warfield Parkway
--Now Officially Scenic!!!!